​​​​​​​S n o w L i c h t   |   スノーリヒト 
Thank you for viewing the works of Snow, a shy numbskull who expresses through art and kaomoji. (´• ω•`)ノ❄💀❄

Snow was born and raised in the Netherlands before moving with her family to Florida, USA at age ten and graduated from UCF with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Spring 2017.
Presently, Snow resides in Hiroshima, Japan (since August 2017) and is currently working as a part-time designer at Ori Inc. | (株) 織 
Art has been an integral part of Snow's life since a young age. She is inspired by video games, international music and music videos, animated films, anime & manga, artists of the East & West, the online art community, and her unique experiences growing up in a multi-cultural family. Her works often depict duality, beauty & death, horror & serenity, calm fragility & internal chaos, the surreal & celestial.
 Netherlands.オランダ 1994-2004  ►  USA.米国 2004-2017  ►  Japan.日本 2017-
Favorite musical artists: Agent Fresco / Alpines / Blue Stahli / Celldweller / Chelsea Wolfe / Origa, Valravn / Fejd, E.S. Posthumus / Epica / Draconian / Within Temptation / Evanescence / Xandria / The Birthday Massacre / RED / STARSET / Linkin Park / MONSTA X / NU'EST / LOONA / REOL れをる / Annabel アナベル / Kukui (霜月はるか & myu) / Yanagi Nagi やなぎなぎ / Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル / Girugamesh ギルガメッシュ / .lynch リンチ 
Favorite video games: Warframe / Final Fantasy (X & XII) / Assassin's Creed (II, III, IV) / Dragon Age (Inquisition) / Skyrim /  Dishonored/ Alice Madness Returns / Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2) / Klonoa 2 Lunatea's Veil / Pokémon Emerald (fav. Pokémon is Espeon) / Onmyoji
Favorite shows: Last Exile ラストエグザイル / Noragami ノラガミ / Mononoke モノノ怪 / Soul Eater ソウルイーター / Zankyou no Terror 残響のテロル / Ergo Proxy エルゴプラクシー / Rozen Maiden ローゼンメイデン / Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge 田中くんはいつもけだるげ / Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 月刊少女野崎くん / Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 男子高校生の日常 / One-Punch Man ワンパンマン / Over the Garden Wall, Teen Titans / Bee & PuppyCat
Favorite movies: GHIBLI films (particularly 千と千尋の神隠し 'Spirited Away') / The Secret of Kells (2009 animated film by Studio Saloon) / 聖☆おにいさん Saint Young Men (2013 animated film by A-1 Pictures) / Ghost in the Shell (1995 animated film) / Perfect Blue パーフェクトブルー (1997 animated film by Satoshi Kon) / Joyeux Noël (2005 film by Christian Carion) / Inception (2010 film by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas)
Likes: ice, snow, skeletons, elegant macabre, cute yet cool characters, the colors black & blue, dark chocolate, spicy food, fruits, gemstones, kaomoji, ornate fashion/design (gothic, punk, sailor, classic Lolita, gothic Lolita, fantasy armor, regal)
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