​​​​​​​S n o w L i c h t   |   スノーリヒト 
Thank you for viewing the works of Snow, a shy numbskull who expresses through art and kaomoji. (´• ω•`)ノ❄💀❄

Snow was born and raised in the Netherlands before moving with her family to Florida, USA at age ten and graduated from UCF with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Spring 2017 (✨Go Knights✨)
Presently, Snow resides in Hiroshima, Japan (since August 2017) and is currently working as a part-time designer at Ori Inc. | (株) 織 

Art has been an integral part of Snow's life since a young age. She is inspired by video games, international music and music videos, animated films, anime & manga, artists of the East & West, the online art community, and her unique experiences growing up in a multi-cultural family. Her works often depict duality, beauty & death, horror & serenity, calm fragility & internal chaos, the surreal & celestial.
 Netherlands.オランダ 1994-2004  ►  USA.米国 2004-2017  ►  Japan.日本 2017-
Favorite visual artists:
William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Alfons Mucha, Rembrandt van Rijn, Tetsuya Nomura, yuchenghong, Yoann Lossel, Valentina Remenar, Peter Mohrbacher, Yogisya, len-yan, Jasmin Darnell
Favorite musical artists:
Agent Fresco, Alpines, Blue Stahli, Celldweller, Chelsea Wolfe, Origa, Valravn, Fejd, E.S. Posthumus, Epica, Draconian, Within Temptation, Evanescence, RED, STARSET, Linkin Park, MONSTA X, NU'EST, LOONA, REOL れをる, Girugamesh ギルガメッシュ, Yanagi Nagi やなぎなぎ, Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル
Favorite video games:
Final Fantasy (X & XII), Assassin's Creed (II, III, IV), Dragon Age (Inquisition), Skyrim, Dishonored, Alice Madness Returns, Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2), Klonoa 2 Lunatea's Veil, Pokémon Emerald & Soul Silver, (fav. Pokémon is Espeon), Onmyoji
Favorite shows:
Last Exile ラストエグザイル, Noragami ノラガミ, Mononoke モノノ怪, Soul Eater ソウルイーター, Zankyou no Terror 残響のテロル, Ergo Proxy エルゴプラクシー, Rozen Maiden ローゼンメイデン, Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge 田中くんはいつもけだるげ, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 月刊少女野崎くん, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 男子高校生の日常, One-Punch Man ワンパンマン, Over the Garden Wall, Teen Titans, Bee & PuppyCat, Voltron Legendary Defender (season 1-6)
Favorite movies:
GHIBLI films (particularly 千と千尋の神隠し 'Spirited Away'), The Secret of Kells, 聖☆おにいさん (Saint Oniisan), Perfect Blue パーフェクトブルー, Joyeux Noël, Inception
ice, snow, skeletons, elegant macabre, cute yet cool characters, the colors black & blue, chocolate, spicy food, fruits, gemstones, kaomoji, ornate fashion/design (gothic, punk, sailor, classic Lolita, gothic Lolita, fantasy armor, regal)
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