Thank you for your interest! Please read & follow the Terms of Service below before filling the order form.
Wait-List : Term 2  ◆  ( open as of 2021.5.3 ) 
SnowLicht's Terms of Service
This is an agreement between you (the client) and I (the artist “SnowLicht”)
◆ No physical item will be sent - you agree to pay for a digital illustration sent via email.
   ◊ Completed commission can be used for personal use (ex: print at home, post on your social media, use as an icon/banner/header.)
◆ Before payment, I have the right to decline orders that I am unable/uncomfortable to work on for any reason.
◆ Payment will be requested through digital invoice (see “Procedure”) to be paid in US Dollars (USD) via PayPal.
◆ Refund & revisions are not accepted once the commission is completed/cancelled (see "stage 5" under "Procedure").
◆ Those who engage in dishonest/abusive behaviors such as slander, malicious spam, endangerment to safety, harassment, fraud, illegal activity, etc. will have their order cancelled and the right to anonymity revoked (even if opted to remain anonymous on the order form).
◆ I retain copyright of my art.
   ◊ Do not remove my signature. 
   ◊ When posting the completed commission online, please credit “SnowLicht” as the artist.
   ◊ Do not sell copies of my art unless you consult with me on commercial use (which comes with higher prices).
❖ SKETCH - sketch lines come in color of your choice indicated in order form.
$3 Chibi     |     $10 Bust     |     $15 Half body     |     $25 Full body   
$10 Chibi     |     $30 Bust      |     $40 Half body      |     $50 Full body   
$20 Chibi     |     $50 Bust     |     $70 Half body      |     $90 Full body   

additional characters: up to 10 characters in a single canvas
extra details:
detailed clothing, numerous accessories, intricate tattoos, props, instruments, weapons, animals, creatures, etc. may come at an extra cost depending on complexity.
Simple: add up to 5% per character   |  Detailed: add up to 10% per character
backgrounds are decorative only. Likely to decline complex architecture, landscapes, most vehicles, etc. (negotiable).
Simple: add up to 5% of base price   |   Detailed: add up to 10% of base price
I may modify/add to these lists at any time
✔ Can draw:
✓ your original character (customized characters from games such as Skyrim, Dragon Age, etc. are ok) | ”character” must be humanoid - can be human, vampire, elf, mermaid/merman, skeleton, lichen, ghost, cyborg, android, kemonomimi (person with animal ears/tail), and some anthropomorphic characters (judged on case by case basis) - anthropomorphic characters most likely to be accepted are those that could appear in a fantasy RPG or vintage/fairy tale book. Examples: ◆ Laplace's Demon from Rozen Maiden (man with animal head)◆ fox in a suit (man with animal head) | ◆ Beatrix Potter's cute personified animals | ◆ Viera from Final Fantasy | ◆ Ancient Egyptian Anubis | ◆ fantasy stag mage | ◆ fancy animals in Victorian attire
✓ most animals, monsters, fantasy creatures | examples: dragon, phoenix, chimera, monsters, etc. - price varies depending on complexity
✓ top nudity & mild erotica/pin-up of adult characters
✓ blood, gore, death, horror

✖ Will not draw:
✕ portraits of real people
✕ character not belonging to you, unless you have the owner’s permission (please ask the owner to contact me to prove that they consent to having their character drawn)
✕ fan art of copyrighted characters (please contact me about ko-fi requests if interested)
architecture, complex interior, most vehicles, complex machinery and mecha
✕ genitals, explicit sexual activity, pedophilia
✕ furries (some anthros ok on case-by-case basis)
◆◇◇◇◇ STAGE 1 : Order ✓✉ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ✉✕
1. Read the Terms of Service in full before filling out the order form at the bottom of this page.
2. Once submitted, your form will be reviewed for approval.  An email should be sent to you within 7 days. If not, please contact me at:

◆◆◇◇◇ STAGE 2 : Preview Draft ♪(ง ˘ω˘ )人( ˘ω˘ )ว♪
3. If your order is approved, I will send an email with the calculated price & discuss your payment method.  
4. If you agree to the price, I will then work on the preview draft before sending the invoice. 
   ◊ The “preview draft” will be a small watermarked rough draft/sketch of your order before I complete the commission. 
   ◊ If needed, you may request revisions. (Edits should be reasonable. Drastic changes such as new characters/outfits and added complexity may result in added fees and time delay)

◆◆◆◇◇ STAGE 3 : Payment ( ´• ω•`)つ💵c(´・ω・` )
5. Once you approve the preview draft, I will send an invoice with the agreed amount & payment method. Please pay promptly in US Dollars (USD) (convert currency if needed).  

◆◆◆◆◇ STAGE 4 : Progress ✨٩( òωó )و🎨
6. Please keep in contact to stay active on the wait-list. If I cannot contact you after 1 month, I may postpone your order to prioritize others on the wait-list.
   ◊ I will occasionally email you with progress updates on your order to make sure the finished product will be to your liking.
   ◊ Refund/cancellation policy: If you have a valid reason to cancel your order, please email me before the commission is finished so I can provide partial refund and a signed/watermarked JPG file only of the incomplete commission (refund varies depending on progress made).

◆◆◆◆◆ STAGE 5 : Receive (σ๑´• ω•`)σ✨📧
7. Once you approve the last draft, I will send you the final digital file(s) of your commission (please download in the specified time frame) - this concludes the commission!
Thank you for your interest! (ノ๑´꒳`)ノ✨
Once you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service in full, you may proceed to fill up the commission order form:​​​​​​​
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