To order an art commission, please read & follow the Terms of Service below before filling the order form.
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SnowLicht's Terms of Service
This Terms of Service ("TOS") is an agreement between you (the "Client") and I ("the Artist", "SnowLicht") in regards to a paid digital commission.
(Last updated: March 21, 2023)
◆ I reserve the right to decline orders that I am unable/uncomfortable to work on.
    ◊ See the list under "Content" for subjects I can/cannot draw.
◆ While I retain copyright of the art, Clients who abide by the TOS may choose to use the completed art for personal (non-commercial) use. If the art is to be used for commercial purposes (to generate profit or promote business) see "Personal & Commercial Use".
◆ It is strictly PROHIBITED to use and/or alter my art for anything associated with hate speech, abuse, harassment, slander, fraud, exploitation, AI, NFTs, blockchains, illegal activities, etc.
    ◊ I reserve the right to report, block, blacklist, and/or cancel the order of anyone who partakes in the aforementioned violations.
    ◊ If necessary, I reserve the right to publicly disclose the violating person's (user)name and order details to file a report and/or warn others.
◆ Clients abiding by the TOS may use the completed commission for PERSONAL USE (post on social media, profile icon, print at home, etc.).
◆ Clients who wish to obtain the right to use the completed commission for profit (e.g. print on merch for sale) or marketing (e.g. business cards, e-shop banners) must consult with me upfront to be granted a COMMERCIAL USE AGREEMENT.
    ◊ Commercial use commissions come with added costs based on scope of use and size of your business.
◆ In all cases, when sharing the art publicly please credit "SnowLicht" and include a link to my username/website when possible.
◆ By ordering, you understand that no physical item will be sent and you are agreeing to pay for a DIGITAL file.
    ◊ Any attempt to claim a false charge-back for a lack of physical item will be void.
◆ Turnaround time will depend on the commission's complexity and life circumstances.
    ◊ Please allow me at least 1-3 weeks for uncolored art or 1-2 months for colored art (to be discussed). I will do my best to complete your art as soon as possible while keeping you updated on the progress.
◆ Only applicable for orders over $10: to cancel your order, please email me as soon as possible so that I can provide a partial refund depending on progress made (full refund is not possible).
◆ No refunds for orders priced $10 and under.
SKETCH: (sketch lines come in color of your choice indicated in order form)
$3 Chibi     |     $10 Bust     |     $15 Half body     |     $25 Full body   
$10 Chibi     |     $30 Bust      |     $40 Half body      |     $50 Full body   
$20 Chibi     |     $50 Bust     |     $70 Half body      |     $90 Full body   
additional characters: up to 10 characters in a single canvas
extra details:
detailed clothing, numerous accessories, intricate tattoos, props, instruments, weapons, animals, creatures, etc. may come at an extra cost depending on complexity.
Simple: add 5% per character   |  Detailed: add 10% per character
backgrounds are decorative only - likely to decline complex architecture, landscapes, most vehicles, etc. (negotiable).
Simple: add 5% of base price   |   Detailed: add 10% of base price
*not an exhaustive list, may modify at any time
✔ Can draw:
✓ your original character *base price is based on mostly humanoid features (e.g. human, android, vampire, merfolk, elf, kemonomimi)
    ◊ some animal characters may be accepted judged on case-by-case basis (most likely to be accepted if stylized in chibi form or appearance of vintage fairy tale book or fantasy RPG character *price will vary on complexity
    ◊ some customized characters from games are ok (such as D&D, all races in FFXIV, Elder Scrolls, Black Desert Online, etc.)
✓ most animals, monsters, fantasy creatures (e.g. dragon, phoenix, chimera) *price will vary on complexity
✓ pin-up and artistic top nudity for adult characters only *you must be at least 18 years of age to request this
✓ blood, gore, death, horror

✖ Will not draw:
✕ in another artist's style
✕ portraits of real people
✕ character not belonging to you, unless you have the owner’s permission (please have the owner contact me to prove that they consent to having their character drawn)
✕ whole buildings (limited parts of a building such as tympanums & columns are ok), most vehicles, complex interior/mecha/machinery
✕ minors and animal characters drawn in suggestive clothing/poses
✕ genitals, explicit sexual activity
STAGE 1 : Order ◆◇◇◇◇ ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ
Read the TOS in full before filling out the order form at the bottom of this page.
◆ Once submitted, your order will be reviewed for approval. If you do not receive an email indicating whether your order was "approved" or "declined" within 7 days, please contact me via social media or through my contact form:

STAGE 2 : Preview Draft ◆◆◇◇◇ ♪(ง ˘ω˘ )人( ˘ω˘ )ว♪
◆ If I approve your order, I will provide details on the estimated price and payment method.
◆ If you agree to the payment, I will then work on the preview draft* before sending the invoice. 
    * The “preview draft” will be a small watermarked rough draft of your order to give a rough idea of the general composition, colors, pose, etc.
    * You may request a reasonable amount of revisions before I send the invoice, however, drastic/excessive revisions that were not previously requested in the order form may result in additional fees.
    * If I repeatedly fail to meet your expectations you can cancel your order at no cost.

STAGE 3 : Payment ◆◆◆◇◇ ( ´・ω・`)つ💵c(´・ω・` )
◆ Once you approve the preview draft, I will send an invoice with the agreed price & payment method. Please pay promptly in US Dollars (USD) (convert currency if needed). 

STAGE 4 : Progress ◆◆◆◆◇✨٩( òωó )و🎨
Refund/cancellation policy: If you need to cancel your order, please email me as soon as possible so that I can provide a partial refund (depending on progress made) and a watermarked JPG file of the incomplete commission (note: full refund is not possible).
◆ I will occasionally email you with progress updates on your order to ensure the finished product will be to your liking *only small revisions are allowed, drastic revisions may be refused or may result in delay/added fees.
◆ Please respond to emails no later than 3 weeks to stay active on the wait-list.
    * If I cannot contact you after 1 month, I may put your order on hold to prioritize others on the wait-list.
    * If I receive no contact after 1 year, I may cancel your commission.

STAGE 5 : Receive Completed Commission ◆◆◆◆◆ (σ๑´• ω•`)σ✨📧
◆ Once you approve the last draft, I will send you the final digital file(s) of your commission (please download within the specified time frame). This concludes the commission!
Thank you for your interest! (ノ๑´꒳`)ノ✨
Once you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service in full, you may proceed to fill up the commission order form:​​​​​​​
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