Thank you for your interest! ✨⸜(*˙꒳˙* )⸝✨
To order a custom-made digital illustration, preview the list of content I can/cannot draw,
then please read & follow my Terms of Service (TOS) before filling out the request form on Artistree.
(Clients do not need an Artistree account to make an order - feel free to contact me if you have any questions!)
Artistree's (6.5%+) platform fee helps provide secure buyer & seller protection, ease of communication, convenient visual WIP updates +
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List of Content I can/cannot draw
✓ your original character "OC"*
*base price is based on mostly humanoid characters (e.g. human, cyborg, android, elf, vampire, merfolk, kemonomimi) but am open to accept the following with varying prices based on complexity:
    ◊ some anthropomorphic animals characters - judged on case-by-case basis
    ◊ most animals, monsters, fantasy creatures (e.g. dragon, phoenix, chimera)
    ◊ some customized characters from games (D&D, WOL in FFXIV, Elder Scrolls, Black Desert Online, etc.)  
✓ pin-up and artistic top nudity for adult characters only *you must be at least 18 years of age to request this
✓ blood, gore, death, horror

✕ portraits of real people
✕ characters not belonging to you without consent (please have the owner contact me with proof of permission to have their character drawn)
✕ most vehicles
✕ highly complex mecha/machinery
✕ complex interior/whole buildings (limited parts of a building such as tympanums & columns are ok)
✕ age-inappropriate depiction of minor(s)
✕ explicit sexual activity and genitals
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