2020 (sketch) | 2022.10.11 (rendered)
My ocs Mariya (pink hair) & Lia (athletic woman).
Mariya, the woman with long pink hair with black streaks at the front is wearing a girly attire featuring a muted pink top with puffy sleeves revealing hands with pink nails with black tips and ribbons on her arms and chest, and short black skirt with a pink under-skirt with heart buckles with long black thigh-high socks. She has a pink choker with silver studs, chains, and heart buckle that resembles the black choker of her partner Lia on the right who is wearing a sporty outfit with a sports bra with pink lines along her chest, tight pants revealing her hips and muscular abs. She has black finger-less gloves which show her black nails with pink tips, her hair is long and black with pink streaks at the front that is tied in a ponytail.
◆ drawn in Adobe Photoshop CC

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