2018.10 (sketch) | 2020.2.11 (completed)
Spilling blood, guts, and ruby tears, the veiled woman impales a skull with a spear with both hands which are adorned with golden rings with red rose gemstones with bracelets of spiked ruby roses. A tattoo of golden briars circle around her arms - her left arm (facing the viewer) is cut in half by the elbow with blood dripping from the severed ends of the arm with ruby jewels dangling down mimicking the trickling blood drops. In front of her are bloodied white roses that are melded with the pink intestines coming from her abdominal area in a surreal manner with petals scattered up and around her head following the golden cloth halo's shape as they transform in to golden diamond spikes toward the golden hilt of a large swords that is impaling her. Ruby jewels are lined up beneath her eyes like she is crying ruby gems the same colors as the large ruby droplet-shaped stones on her impaled chest and choker. She also has rubies on her head circling around her head which is covered by a dark blue veil with golden chain patterns sprinkled with stars and diamond shapes.
♦ P r o g r a m : Adobe Photoshop CC

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