sketch 2018 | color 2019.10.22
A woman with a golden bouquet of roses between her thorned horns. She is cloaked in a dark celestial veil and in deep contemplation with overflowing emotions and inner turmoil. She tries to compose herself as she closes her eyes and holds her right hand to her face as if to whisper to the golden eye embedded in her palm oozing with the same dark liquid spilling from her mouth, closed eyes, and open golden vertical eye on her forehead - there is also black liquid oozing from the eyes and mouth of the skull embedded in her left shoulder with some of the liquid lifted into the air. She has spikes coming from her neck and ears which are pierced with a golden triangle and a thin black chain circling around her arm.
♦ S k e t c h : graphite pencil
♦ P r o g r a m : Adobe Photoshop CC

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